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Alliance that enhances technological capabilities

In the first months of this year, Dr. Michael Barnett (founder & EVP Cognitive Engineering of and Dr. Jesús Cantú (Director of Aleph5), formalized an alliance between both companies.

HMX.AI is a company founded in 2009 in Boston, MA, (formerly SmartCloud), with a leadership and extensive experience in the artificial intelligence industry, which offers a solution approach and application of these techniques in a very practical and transparent way.

“The combination of the HMX and Aleph5 platforms represents the best of A.I. integration with world-class industrial optimization software. This solution takes optimization to a new level, unifying expert knowledge and machine learning to deliver unprecedented performance in a solution that works in any environment.


Aleph5, founded in 2007 in Monterrey, N.L., is a company with extensive experience in the areas of Mathematical Modeling, Optimization & Analytics, distinguished by implementing solutions with very practical and effective approaches.

“We are very excited about this alliance, as it combines many years of experience in technical capabilities that are in high demand in the industry today. In the past we have collaborated with the team in some projects achieving outstanding results, so there is no doubt that this alliance will enhance our capabilities and increase our participation in international markets”.


With this alliance, Aleph5 reinforces its culture of innovation and continuous development, which allows us to continue generating value through the most advanced cognitive technology